Govenment Law & Administrative Practice

Open Meeting Laws, Public Records Laws, APA

The attorneys in Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP's Government Law and Administrative Practice Unit provide advice and representation to private citizens, government agencies, and public officials in matters involving state and local open meeting laws, public records laws, and the California Administrative Procedure Act. Our Government Law and Administrative Practice attorneys possess exceptional expertise in these matters.

The firm's services encompass advising, counseling and representing private citizens who wish to challenge government agency actions or inactions on the basis of an alleged violation of the open meeting laws or the public records laws designed to effectuate open government.

The firm's services also involve advising, counseling and representing government entities and officials who must comply with the open meeting laws and the public records laws. The law firm has successfully defended several local government entities in litigation which was brought to challenge their compliance with these complex laws.

Education Finance and Education-Related Matters

Augmenting the firm's services in more traditional matters, our Government Law and Administrative Practice attorneys also possess significant expertise in the areas of education finance and education-related issues. Our attorneys advise and represent private citizens and members of the education community in matters involving state education funding (including funding for state-imposed education mandates and teacher and school employee pension benefits), actions taken by the State Board of Education, and the powers and duties of county and school district boards of education.

Our attorneys also regularly advise and represent schools (both public and chartered) and their districts in matters before the Education Audit Appeals Panel. Our attorneys have a solid record of obtaining substantial reductions in—and in some cases, the complete reversal of—penalties associated with education audit findings against our clients.

Recent Examples Include:

  • Settled appeal by Oakland Unified School District eliminating $30 million in penalties stemming from an annual compliance audit.
  • Reduced liability for several audit findings for Vallejo City Unified School District by almost $3 million.
  • Obtained agreement absolving Mt. Diablo Unified School District of $1.3 million penalty associated with audit finding over District's processing of teacher credential documents.