Lobby Reporting and Advice, Conflicts of Interest, Ethics

Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP provides advice on compliance with complex federal, state and local ethics, conflict of interest, gift limits, and revolving door laws and regulations (including preparation of financial disclosure statements and representation in enforcement actions).

The law firm has extensive experience in all aspects of lobbying law.

Our Lobby Reporting and Advice Services Include:

  • Advising lobbyists, lobbying firms and lobbyist employers concerning all aspects of state and local rules affecting lobbying activities
  • Preparing of lobbyist employers quarterly disclosure reports
  • Assisting lobbyist, lobbying firms and lobbyist employers with random audits

Our Conflicts of Interest, Ethics Services Include:

  • Consulting on all aspects of compliance with ethics and conflict of interest law, including limitations and prohibitions on gifts and honoraria and revolving door restrictions
  • Advising parties that do business with public agencies and public officials on how the law affects them
  • Counseling public agencies and public officials on conflict of interest requirements, including disclosure and disqualification matters
  • Preparing financial disclosure statements for federal, state and local candidates, and elected and appointed officials
  • Soliciting opinions and formal advice from the California Fair Political Practices Commission that confer limited immunity from prosecution
  • Advising private consultants and public agencies on potential disclosure and disqualification issues
  • Advising former public officials on "revolving door" requirements
  • Advising public officials and contributors on the potential disqualifying consequences of receiving and making campaign contributions
  • Representing clients who are subject to investigation or enforcement actions by regulatory agencies