Campaign Finance Laws / Reporting Services

Our firm leverages its substantial experience with federal, state and local campaign finance law to advise clients. The firm's attorneys participated in the drafting of California's state campaign finance provisions and regularly advise candidates, committees and donors on its requirements. In connection with its Litigation and Appeals Practice, the firm also represents individuals and associations in challenges to local, state and federal campaign finance laws.

Advice Services

Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP provides advice on the full range of legal issues surrounding campaign finance regulation. The elections and campaign finance arenas continue to undergo immense change by lawmakers and regulators, as well as through judicial decisions. The firm's lawyers have a breadth of experience in ensuring full compliance with campaign finance laws and offer advice to ensure compliance with local campaign finance regulations, the California Political Reform Act, and federal campaign finance regulation.

Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP also provides a full range of representation services to clients subject to investigations and enforcement proceedings initiated by campaign and election regulatory agencies. The law firm can also assist clients with obtaining legal advice and opinions from regulatory agencies. This advice can provide immunizing protection from subsequent enforcement actions.

Compliance & Enforcement Services

  • Requesting advice from regulatory agencies on compliance with election, campaign and political law requirements
  • Soliciting formal opinions and advice letters from the Federal Election Commission, California Fair Political Practices Commission, Internal Revenue Service, and local ethics commissions that confer limited immunity from prosecution
  • Seeking informal advice from administrative agency staff
  • Monitoring regulatory activities by the Secretary of State, Federal Election Commission, California Fair Political Practices Commission and local ethics commissions
  • Representing clients in regulatory proceedings before administrative agencies

Our Enforcement Services Include:

  • Conducting independent fact finding, including interviews with witnesses as well as review of documents and other evidence
  • Participating in interviews of clients or witnesses by government investigators
  • Making recommendations on proposed settlements in enforcement cases
  • Representing clients through all stages of administrative hearings or court proceedings

PAC, Campaign & Major Donor Reporting Services

Olson Hagel & Fishburn LLP assists a wide range of clients, including candidates, political action committees, non-profit organizations and major donors in complying with complex campaign reporting prohibitions and requirements under federal, state and local laws.

The firm provides a unique combination of legal and campaign reporting services to ensure compliance with the reporting procedures of state and federal law, including the California Political Reform Act and the Federal Election Campaign Act. Required reports are subject to review by the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Federal Election Commission.

We use an internet-based campaign reporting system which has been approved by the California Secretary of State for the required electronic filing of campaign reports under state laws.

Our Political Reporting Unit is staffed by a trained and experienced staff of political reports specialists. The Unit itself and all reports produced in it are supervised and reviewed by the firm's team of experienced attorneys.

Our Campaign Reporting Services Include:

  • Receiving, depositing, and recording all receipts and monitoring contributions for compliance with federal, state and local limits and prohibitions
  • Maintaining and disbursing campaign funds at the client's discretion
  • Reconciling bank statements and providing clients with monthly financial statements
  • Preparing and filing required campaign reports
  • Assisting with campaign reporting audits
  • Providing notification of all filing deadlines
  • Preparing and filing federal and state tax returns
  • Providing legally required notification to potential major donors who contribute to the campaign committee